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Hallij Halloj

2013-03-17 17:51:27 by BrokenIdeasCompany

Whazzup, trolls 'n bowls. It's been eternities ago since I made a pointless statement here. To summarize it quickly, I am currently the project leader of a XNA game named Potato Warrior, filled with potatoes and lame puns in Swenglish. I'm also beginning the development phase of a personal game named PlasmAdventure, I'm adding as a note. The next time you sunuvastitches will hear from me again is, weeell... if I will ever get these things off the ground, I might leave a public insult or two to let you know how much I love to hate you(And some notes 'bout how my work has progressed). Cheers to you all!

Your favorite secret obsessive stalker,

Hallij Halloj


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